Our experts have participated in major tunnel construction projects across the country (including the Prague Metro), as well as in a number of projects abroad. The engineering geodesy unit is equipped with geodetic technology from Leica and Trimble that allows us to meet the rigorous requirements of customers from both the CR and abroad.

Associated services:  

  • geodetic work carried out in conjunction with geomonitoring for tunnel construction projects, specifically consisting of precise (optical) convergence measurements for the use of NRTM, monitoring of terrain deformation, and for objects in the drop zone
  • geodetic work for other geotechnical applications
  • delimiting and localisation of test geological and hydrogeological wells
  • measurement of space deformations and modification of structures, including the application of automated continuous monitoring
  • measurement of vertical landslides using precise levelling
  • mapping work for project designs, including underground spaces
  • geodetic documentation of the actual condition of structures
  • data collection for GIS
  • creation and monitoring of geodetic networks, including the use of GNSS
  • acting in the capacity of an ÚOZI (Officially Authorized Surveyor Engineer)
  • acting in the capacity of HDM (Chief Mining Measurer)
  • special work related to engineering geodesy as agreed with customers, given available equipment
  • photogrammetry
  • laser scanning
  • aerial photogrammetry using UAV