SG – Geoinženýring s.r.o. is a specialized geotechnical firm headquartered in Moravská Ostrava focused on the design, engineering, and management of engineering, underground, and environmental structure projects, as well as on geotechnical and environmental research, and implementing all the above. SG − Geoinženýring is an independent legal entity that operates primarily in the Moravian-Silesian region. SG – Geoinženýring has strong ties to renowned projecting, construction, and mining firms, as well as with the Technical University of Ostrava. Together with local specialists, the company guarantees excellent solutions for pressing regional issues like barriers to construction development caused by undermined ground, methanol leaks, thermic processes, reclamation of spoil tips, occupational safety for underground work, etc. An important aspect of collaboration consists in the development of specialized measurement instruments and their implementation, which advances technical development in the field. The success of these efforts is testified to by the number of utility model certifications awarded to SG – Geoinženýring employees by the Office of Industrial Property.