Our employees’ expertise derives from our years of experience with demanding projects and our knowledge of local engineering and geological conditions. This expertise allows us to prepare solutions for the most demanding tasks in the industry and to take part in implementing major engineering projects.

SG Geotechnika offers mapping, data, and technology services that utilize advanced GIS technology and other information systems.

Associated services:  

  • Comprehensive engineering and geological services for all types of projects
  • Engineering and geological surveying, monitoring, and designs for landslide reclamation projects
  • Engineering and geological surveying and cliff stabilization
  • Qualified geotechnical supervision for construction project implementation
  • Expert geotechnical consultations for project preparation and implementation
  • Foundation base soil documentation and analysis
  • Onsite and laboratory geotechnical testing
  • Surveying, locating, and reclaiming mines
  • Engineering/geological mapping and targeted regional studies
  • Geological documentation
  • Micropetrographical analyses of soil and rock
  • Construction-related technical surveys of structural elements, verification of foundation base depth, building passports
  • Surveys of soil contamination