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SG Geotechnika a.s., as the oldest geotechnical consultancy in the Czech Republic, has a more than 90-year tradition. Until 2009, the company was known to business partners and professionals as Stavební Geologie - Geotechnika, a.s. From 30/6/2013 until 1/1/2017 the firm was part of ARCADIS, initially as ARCADIS Geotechnika a.s., and later under the name ARCADIS CZ a.s. On 1/ 1/ 2017, the company returned to its original name: SG Geotechnika a.s. The most recent milestone in the history of SG Geotechnika came on 1/ 9/ 2017, when ownership of the company was transferred to PURUM KRAFT a.s.

Today’s SG Geotechnika builds seamlessly upon the expertise of the first facility in the CR to provide engineering geology services, founded by Quido Záruba in 1926. Záruba was later awarded a professorship and presided over the IAEG. In 1930, Alois Myslivec, another Czech geologist of note, established the first Czechoslovak soil mechanics laboratory. The laboratory, which is the largest, best equipped facility of its kind in the Czech Republic, continues to be an important part of SG Geotechnika. The unique character, success, and strength of SG Geotechnika lies in the combination of knowledge and experience the company has acquired in its many years in the Czech marketplace, and its mastery of the latest European methodologies for preparing and managing large-scale engineering projects. It is the only company on the Czech market to offer its clients comprehensive solutions for geotechnical issues. It is also the only company in the Czech Republic with in-house capacity for geotechnical laboratory and field testing, including monitoring, geophysical and seismic measurements, 3D scanning, aerial mapping, and modelling. The company's focus is on consultancy, supervision, surveying, monitoring, environmental protection, and testing related to engineering construction projects, specifically in geotechnics, structural foundations, and underground construction. In addition, it manages engineering and environmental construction projects. SG Geotechnika operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and employs more than 130 experts in its eight subsidiaries. SG Geotechnika a.s. Is actively involved in normalisation and methodology issues.




Ing. Petr Kučera 


tel.: +420 606 105 016





SG – Geoinženýring s.r.o. is a specialized geotechnical firm headquartered in Moravská Ostrava focused on the design, engineering, and management of engineering, underground, and environmental structure projects, as well as on geotechnical and environmental research, and implementing all the above. SG − Geoinženýring is an independent legal entity that operates primarily in the Moravian-Silesian region. SG – Geoinženýring has strong ties to renowned projecting, construction, and mining firms, as well as with the Technical University of Ostrava. Together with local specialists, the company guarantees excellent solutions for pressing regional issues like barriers to construction development caused by undermined ground, methanol leaks, thermic processes, reclamation of spoil tips, occupational safety for underground work, etc. An important aspect of collaboration consists in the development of specialized measurement instruments and their implementation, which advances technical development in the field. The success of these efforts is testified to by the number of utility model certifications awarded to SG – Geoinženýring employees by the Office of Industrial Property.



GEOFOS, s.r.o. is a leading Slovak geological and geotechnical company with many years of tradition and expertise in engineering geology, geotechnics, field measurements, environmental issues, and geodesy. It provides clients with comprehensive services in the areas of surveying, monitoring, supervision, and consultation at various stages of roadway and motorway planning and construction, environmental engineering, and the building of water structures, tunnels, bridges, and railways. The company was established in 1996. In 2005, Stavební Geologie - Geotechnika a.s., (today SG Geotechnika a.s.), a part of PURUM KRAFT a.s. since 2017, became the majority owner of GEOFOS. GEOFOS is comprised of a team of experts and leading specialists with extensive expertise acquired both in Slovakia and via participation in international projects. The company works with divisions of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Comenius University, and the University of Zilina. It is a member of the Czech Tunnelling Association, Slovak Association of Engineering Geologists, and many other professional organizations. The company has an integrated management system featuring subsystems for occupational health& safety, environmental management, and quality assurance which undergo regular recertification procedures. In recent years, the company has experienced the dynamic growth ranking it among the top Slovak organizations involved in engineering geology and geotechnics, with a particular focus on the application of geotechnics in underground construction projects. It is a reliable, professional partner to its clients.


Ing. Václav Veselý
executive manager Geofos
tel.: +421 903511560
tel.: +420 724 133 390

Slovakia Unit

The Slovak market has been served by SG Geotechnika a.s. since 2004, when Stavební Geologie − Geotechnika, a.s. established an independent organizational unit in the country. Like its parent company, SG Geotechnika a.s. focuses on consultancy, supervision, survey, and testing for engineering construction projects, with a special focus on geotechnics, structural foundations, underground construction projects, and the environment. It builds on knowledge and experience gained over almost 90 years by SG Geotechnika and its predecessors, currently the largest and oldest geotechnical consultancy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Mgr. Lucie Bohátková

tel.: +420 724 218 792

email: lucie.bohatkova@geotechnika.cz     




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