Since 1995, the chief railways in the Czech Republic have been undergoing a modernization process. Stavební Geologie – Geotechnika a.s. was present for the very beginning of these large-scale construction projects, working as a geodetic consultant for Czech Railways (currently Správa Železniční Dopravní Cesty). In 2009-2016 the company operated under the name ARCADIS, Geotechnika Division, later being renamed ARCADIS CZ a.s. Currently, the company is known as SG Geotechnika a.s.

SG Geotechnika provides services for the preparation and implementation of railway construction. Associated services:

  • Georadar measurements during the survey period, as well as after project completion.
  • Geotechnical surveying of sleeper underlying rock
  • Geotechnical, construction/technical, and diagnostic surveying of manmade structures (bridges, walls, and culverts)
  • Geotechnical, structural, and diagnostic surveying of tunnels (newly built and existing)
  • Project design for sleeper underlying rock
  • Project documentation consultation for addressing geotechnical issues
  • Geotechnical supervision for railway construction projects (railway superstructure and substructure, manmade structures)
  • Control tests of ground planes and construction layers, laboratory tests of base layer materials and aggregates in the track bed
  • Control laboratory and onsite tests related to the construction of railways and their repair and maintenance

Surveys, projects, and implementation of work aimed at stabilizing cliffs and slopes