Geotechnical Services

SG Geotechnika a.s., as the oldest geotechnical consultancy in the Czech Republic, has a more than 90-year tradition.

SG Geotechnika a.s. provides comprehensive geotechnical services for its clients. They include services from our geomechanics laboratory, the engineering geology division and the geophysics unit, in addition to applied geotechnical services, numerical modelling, laser scanning, aerial mapping, and cliff remediation. With its many years of tradition, the excellence of its in-house technical facilities and the investment the company makes in them, SG Geotechnika is capable of delivering top-flight solutions.

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What We Do

  • Geotechnics

    SG Geotechnika a.s., as the oldest geotechnical consultancy in the Czech Republic, has a more than 90-year tradition.

  • Engineering Geodesy

    Our engineering geodesy department has been offering its services since 2000. The deodesy department is an integral part of the complex and demanding projects of SG Geotechnika - whether is it to obtain the necessary data in the geotechnical monitoring when constructing underground, landslide mapping, or measuring and calculating the accurate position of objects. The engineering geodesy department is equipped with the Leica and Trimble geodetic technology, which allows to meet the most demanding requirements of customers in the Czech Republic and abroad.

  • Geophysics

    An indisputable advantage of the use of geophysical methods is their speed, mobility, non-destructive nature, environmental cleanliness, and economic savings compared to classic methods used in engineering and geological surveys. Geophysical surveys allow information to be obtained that complements data from drilled wells, drifts, and tests, and therefore enables more precise interpretation.

  • Engineering Geology

    Engineering geology under the auspices of SG Geotechnika has a long tradition founded by the originator of the branch in the Czech Republic prof. Quido Záruba. Our employees’ expertise derives from our years of experience with demanding projects and our knowledge of local engineering and geological conditions. This expertise allows us to prepare solutions for the most demanding tasks in the industry and to take part in implementing major engineering projects.

  • OSH Coordinator

    The company provides OSH services, with a focus on support for OSH coordinators on types of construction sites, including the construction of the infrastructural projects, building projects, and water projects. Our company has extensive construction experience. Our services include serving as OSH coordinator on construction sites during both the preparatory phase (OSH plan, consultancy, expert information) and the project implementation phase (OSH plan and regular updates, OSH construction site monitoring, contractor coordination, organization of OSH inspection days, negotiations with contracting authorities and contractors, etc.). We possess all the necessary authorisations for this work in accordance with the statutory requirements imposed in Act No. 309/2006 Coll.

  • Laboratory Testing of Soil and Rock

    SG Geotechnika laboratories in Prague have more than eighty-year old tradition. It is one of the best-equipped workplaces of its kind in the Czech Republic with the largest testing capacity.

  • Laser Scanning

    Laser scanning technology enables contactless spatial positioning, 3D modeling and visualization of complex buildings and structures, interiors, underground structures, or any terrain up to 120 m apart with extraordinary speed, precision and security.

  • Aerial Technology

    Making use of aerial technology for aerial inspections, thermographic surveys, and mapping is an effective technique which is especially suitable because of the overall safety of the method and the lack of any requirement to halt work or transport, because it represents a contact-free methodology. SG Geotechnika holds an "Authorisation to Provide Aerial Services Using Unmanned Aircraft" issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. Currently, the company makes use of 2 unmanned systems (UAS) featuring cameras that record images in three spectral ranges. Thanks to this equipment, SG Geotechnika can provide all photogrammetric and thermographic imaging for various industries.

  • Mathematical Modelling

    We make use of a broad range of the latest geotechnical programming systems SG Geotechnika offers comprehensive solutions to all tasks that arise in engineering practice, including solutions to highly complex geotechnical issues. To do so, the company employs a broad selection of the latest programming systems in the context of its many years of experience in the field. Analyses are carried out in keeping with harmonized European norms.

  • Undergroud Structures

    Our company’s underground structure unit employs a number of mining and construction specialists. This allows us to focus on geotechnical supervision of complex construction projects. Gradually, owing to interest on the part of investors and underground structure experts, the company—inspired by leading European tunnelling companies—decided to expand its range of services, which are now available under the name "Underground Structure Geotechnical Monitoring".

  • Buildings

    SG Geotechnika carries out construction supervision, passportization of buildings, project preparation and engineering during construction and reconstruction of buildings.

  • Roadways and Railways

    Functional transport and infrastructure are an essential part of our communities, cities and even the whole economy. SG Geotechnika provides services for the preparation and implementation of roadway and railway construction.

  • Construction Project Supervision

    Our employees are authorized to design and manage technical work on remediation of old environmental burdens, especially for redevelopment of industrial sites, reclamation of old landfills and elimination of consequences of old mining operations.

  • Onsite Tests and Monitoring

    We offer onsite tests on construction sites as part of ground work inspections, surface soil and rock tests, underground soil and rock tests, and soil and rock tests in prepared wells; stress tests of pilots and micropilots; measurement of base element integrity using ultrasound and palpation; project design, and comprehensive geotechnical and construction monitoring.

  • Research and Scientific Work

    When investigating applied research tasks in structural and environmental geotechnics, SG Geotechnika takes advantage of its own Geotechnical Issue Numerical Modelling Unit, its geomechanics laboratory equipped with the latest technology, and an Onsite Test and Monitoring Unit. The company works closely with universities, the Academy of Sciences, and other scientific institutions, depending on the nature of the task at hand. As a result, the experience and know-how of SG Geotechnika teams is always up-to-date. Results of our research tasks and projects are available in a number of Czech and foreign publications.

  • Environment

    The operation of any organization may entail a number of security and environmental risks. Letting us assume these risks and minimize their impact may bring significant benefit to the company, both in terms of its earnings and its reputation. SG Geotechnika offers engineering services for environmental protection: permits as indicated in the Air Protection Act, Waste Management Act, and Water Act.






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